Zodiac Ribs

Zodiac Rigid Inflatable Boats - New and second hand Zodiac RIBs

Zodiac C27 RIB

Zodiac RIBs - Probably the largest range of rigid inflatable boats from a single manufacturer .

Zodiac has a rigid inflatable boat for every concievable application, from small liesure RIBs & sports RIBs through to large luxurious yacht tenders, and a wide range of military, rescue and professional RIBs, Zodiac also owns Avon Inflatables and Bombard.

Pictured here is the very high performance, go anywhere Zodiac CZ7.

The Zodiac RIB range:

Cadet, Futura & Pro

Medline & Yachtline

Proluxe & Eclipse

CZ7 (pictured)

Grand Raid, Heavy Duty, Futura Commando, Series G

Hurricane, Hurricane cabin

Sea RIB Open

Sea RIB Marine and Navy

SOLAS lifeboats & rescue

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